Prototyping, Design Fictions
In more recent (academic) projects, I've been involved in working with design fictions; realistic prototypes of ideas that can be used to evaluate and predict user acceptance for a yet-to-exist idea or product. The products need to be credible and functional in for users to engage meaningfully with them. I've built tangible interfaces that work with home routers, low power smart lockers, a smart sponge and various other sensors.
hardware item
A 'smart' sponge. I developed this for a project that looked at building a remote hygiene monitoring kit. The sponge was configured with a bunch of sensors (3 axis accelerometer, gyro, temperature and a pressure pad). Information from these sensors was used to provide realtime feedback to trial participants (via a web dashboard)
Smart sponge
hardware item
A key release machine that handles large bunches of keys. Two plates spin round to give access to pods that contain bunches of keys. The top plate is a lock plate that prevents access to the underlying pods. Users gain access to an underlying pod once holes in each of the top and bottom plates align. The system has an anti-tampering alarm and a weight sensor to calculate when keys have been added or removed. The mechanism used a three-axis stepper controller from a laser cutter
Key machine
hardware item
A simple key manager that fits inside a cheap key locker. It tracks and manages 'dumb' keys, emulating smart locks and smart lockers at a fraction of the cost. The locker works with an app which is used to load keys and issue pickup codes. Pickup codes are entered into a keypad on the front of the device