Tom Lodge Research Fellow, Developer
Technical skills
Frontend skills
Javascript (ES6), HTML5, CSS3
React, Redux, Nextjs, D3js
Backend skills
Javascript (Node), Python
Linux, MacOS
Digital Ocean, AWS, Vercel, Heroku, Github pages
Postgres, Mongo, MySQL, Neo4j, Firebase/Firestore
Employment history
Horizon Digital Economy Institute
Nottingham University
Research Fellow
2021 - Current
Mixed Reality Lab
Nottingham University
Research Fellow
2013 - 2021
Open and Distance Learning unit
Queen Mary, University of London
Research Associate
2002 - 2005
Networks and Multimedia Research Group
Research Associate
2000 - 2002
Recent projects
Adaptive Podcasts
BBC R&D, Imagination Lab Lancaster, Horizon
2021 - Current
I am project and technical lead on a collaboration between The Horizon Institute, BBC R&D and Lancaster's Imagination Research Lab. We are using a pre-release of BBC's adaptive podcast platform and our Future Mundane Caravan to develop mechanisms for multiple people to engage with adaptive podcasts and to negotiate access to co-owned sensor data (used to drive the adaptive podcast experience).
Experiencing the Future Mundane
BBC R&D, Imagination Lab Lancaster, Horizon
2019 - Current
I am the technical lead on this EPSRC-funded project. I have built the software infrastructure that runs rich, multi-sensor experiences in a bespoke caravan. The software supports the creation and delivery of experiential visions of the future and is driven by AI and data processing.
IoT Databox
Cambridge, Nottingham, Imperial, BBC and BT
2016 - 2020
This was a multi-institution four year project that designed and built a privacy-supporting device that manages a user's IoT data by storing it within the home and allowing 'apps' to process data locally (i.e. without ever exporting it to the cloud). I developed a web-based IDE for building apps.
User Centric Networking
Technicolor R&D, Martel, Altice Labs,
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Eurecom, Cambridge, Nottingham
2016 - 2020
This was another multi-institution project that developed content and recommendation systems based upon user network behaviour. In collaboration with ethnographers, I built data visualisation tools that supported detailed analysis of data collected from households across the UK and France.
Microsoft, BT, Nottingham, Imperial, Cambridge
2009 - 2012
This was a four year, five institution project that designed and studied tools for home networking support. I was part of a team that built a Linux router and two iPhone apps that presented network visualisations and offered policy-based control of a home network.
University of Nottingham
PhD, Opportunistic Data Collection in People-Centric Sensor Networks
University College London
MSc, Data Communication Networks and Distributed Systems
Queen Mary, University of London
BSc (Hons), Computer Science
First Class, Drapers award for 'outstanding academic achievement'