Nodejs, Databases and Ops
Most of my (15+ years) of backend experience is with writing and and running Nodejs or some derivative framework. I have some devops experience; I have worked with Docker and a little with Kubernetes as well as Amazon's AWS. I have used most flavours of databases - relational, NOSQL and graph. I have used a few lightweight Python frameworks and have developed in Java and PHP too.
Experiencing the Future Mundane
A collaboration with the Lancaster University's Imagination Lab where I am lead developer on a platform that supports the authoring and delivery of sensor rich experiences within a mobile lab. Much of the initial work was on sensor integration, reverse engineering the protocols used by consumer devices and building a rule-based engine to orchestrate repeatable, sensor-driven experiences.
Databox privacy preserving platform
I was lead developer on the work package responsible for the creation of a developer environment for hobbyists and enthusiasts to create privacy preserving apps to run on a bespoke home router (the Databox platform). The environment had a variety of novel features including a tool for linking layers within a vector (SVG) graphic to live sensor feeds. The IDE also provided a test environment and a tool that tracked the flow of sensor data through an app in realtime.
A commercial (startup). I developed a no-code environment for large residential communities and high-rises. The software allows managers and staff to construct rich functionality to support the tasks that are common to communities, but which differ from building to building in subtle ways. I built the website, mobile app (IOS and Android), the authoring environment and backend engine. The software is still being used to date.