Pixel perfect webapps
I've worked on simple, complex and ingenious frontend projects, from full scale in-browser development environments, no-code solutions, data visualisations (d3.js), realtime dashboards and company websites. If I had to choose to do just one thing, frontend work would probably be it.
Trust me (I'm an autonomous agent)
A design-led interactive project that probes the gap between experts and laypeople's understanding of artificially intelligent autonomous agents. The project is funded by the Trusted Autonomous Systems programme. Principal Technologies: React, Redux, D3js, Nextjs, Threejs
Experiencing the Future Mundane
An Engineering and Physical Sciences Research council funded project that has built a sensor platform that integrates a plethora of sensors to deliver immersive media-rich experiences. I've written drivers, a rule-based engine and authoring environment. Principal Technologies: Nodejs, React, Redux, MQTT, Arduino.
Databox Privacy Preserving platform
A multi-institution project (Cambridge, Nottingham, Imperial, BBC and BT) that built a privacy-supporting device to manage a user's IoT data and permit databox 'apps' to process data locally. I led the development of a web-based IDE for building apps. Principal Technologies: Nodejs, React, Redux, Docker.
I built a no-code environment to streamline the management of large housing estates and highrises. The system consists of a visual development environment (browser-based), a rules engine and a companion mobile app. Principal Technologies: Nodejs, React, Redux, React Native, Docker.